Runs when an application times out or the server is shutting down.


<cffunction name="onApplicationEnd" returnType="void"> 
    <cfargument name="ApplicationScope" required=true/> 

See also

onApplicationStart, Method summary, Managing the application with Application.cfc in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


ColdFusion passes the following parameters to the method:




The application scope.


This method does not return a value; do not use the cfreturn tag.


Use this method for any clean-up activities that your application requires when it shuts down, such as saving data in memory to a database, or to log the application end to a file. You cannot use this method to display data on a user page, because it is not associated with a request. The application ends, even if this method throws an exception.

If you call this method explicitly, ColdFusion does not end the application; it does execute the method code, but does not lock the Application scope while the method executes.

Use the ApplicationScope parameter to access the application scope; you cannot reference the scope directly; for example, use Arguments.ApplicationScope.myVariable, not Application.myVariable. This method can access the Server scope directly, but it does not have access to Session or Request scopes.

Note: The application times out only if it is inactive for the time-out period. Sessions do not end, and the onSessionEnd method is not called when an application ends. For more information, see onSessionEnd.


<cffunction name="onApplicationEnd"> 
    <cfargument name="ApplicationScope" required=true/> 
    <cflog file="#This.Name#" type="Information"  
        text="Application #Arguments.ApplicationScope.applicationname# Ended" >