Creates a ColdFusion object of a specified type.

Note: You can enable and disable this tag in the ColdFusion Administrator page, under ColdFusion Security > Sandbox Security.


Extensibility tags


The tag syntax depends on the object type. Some types use the type attribute; others do not. See the following sections:

Note: On UNIX, this tag does not support COM objects.

See also

cfargument, cfcomponent, cffunction, cfinvoke, cfinvokeargument, cfproperty, cfreturn; Using Java objects in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


ColdFusion 8:

  • Added password, proxyPassword, proxyPort, proxyServer, proxyUser, refreshWSDL, userName, wsdl2JavaArgs, and wsportname attributes to for use with web service objects.

  • Added .NET/dotnet type and the associated assembly, port, protocol, and secure attributes.

ColdFusion MX:

  • Changed instantiation behavior: this tag, and the CreateObject function, can now instantiate ColdFusion components (CFCs); you can use them within the cfscript tag.

  • For CORBA object: changed the Naming Service separator format for addresses from a dot to a forward slash. For example, if "context=NameService", for a class, use either of the following formats for the class parameter:

    • "/Eng/CF"

    • ".current/Eng.current/CF"

    (In earlier releases, the format was ".Eng.CF".)

  • For CORBA object: changed the locale attribute; it specifies the Java configuration that contains the properties file.